The beginning of most things is usually awkward, exciting and a whole bunch of other emotions and starting this blog has been no different. It’s been a long time coming and I’ve hesitated plenty of times but, here it is!

At first I wanted to give an intro to who I am, what I do etc etc but, that will be filled in throughout any posts. My aim for this blog is to have fun with it and share as much as I can and hopefully, be helpful to someone. That said, I do have my limitations and things that probably won’t get a lot of mention here so, if you were hoping for anything like what I’ve included in the list below, this blog is not it 😀

1. Relationships

I have a terrible track record and have no advice to give, whatsoever. I may share a few tales of ‘epic fail’ type experiences here and there just for giggles but, that’s about it. If anything, I need help. If you know someone that can help, let me know!

2. Eyeshadow

We are all good at something and there are certain skills that you have to accept are beyond you. Eyeshadow is that thing for me. I’ve watched countless tutorials on how to achieve the perfect smokey eye but when I try it myself, it just never seems to work out at all.

3. Gardening/Plant Care

Two years ago I moved into a flat and decided a few plants would spruce the place up and add to the decor. I obviously forgot that plants are living things that need basics like water. Long story short, only one survives today. RIP Shadreck and Meshach.

4. Flat Shoes

Worst. Things. Ever. Heels are everything. I haven’t worn flat shoes to the office for the whole two and a half years I’ve had my job, that’s how committed I am.

5. Samsung/Android Phones

I just thought this would be a funny one to throw in, especially so soon after the Apple Event (if you missed it, watch their 107 second recap here) and also after the Galaxy Note 7’s ongoing tragedy. I’m obviously biased but you cannot deny the impact that Apple and its products has had on our culture. I wouldn’t want to be that parent who explains to their child why they never got involved. It’s like if my dad had never owned that red leather Michael Jackson Jacket, I would look at him differently, but thank God he was cool 🙂 #TeamiPhone

Now that the awkward first post is out of the way, I hope you enjoy my blog!

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