Over the past year or so, I’ve noticed some pretty significant changes in my skin in terms of texture and appearance. I’ve had a number of breakouts, which I never experienced even in my teenage years, and also noticed that my skin doesn’t look as radiant and even as it once did. My pores look like craters are much more visible and so are the smile lines around the corners of my lips and when I lean into my bathroom mirror, I can see the fine lines on my forehead. Call me paranoid. I realise these little things will probably become more prominent and potentially problematic in the years to come so I’ve started looking for remedies.

Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask

75ml jar for £14 from escentual.com

Vichy is a French skincare brand and they have a wide range of products which are all suitable for sensitive skin. The Double Glow Peel Mask is one of the three mineral masks Vichy released this year, the other two are the Pore Purifying Mineral Mask and the Quenching Mineral Mask. The Double Glow Mask claims to, “…peel off dead skin cells, brightening skin’s luminosity and restoring radiance to dull, tired looking skin.” and the key ingredients are fruit-derived alpha-hydroxy-acids (AHAs) and volcanic rock.

When I opened the jar, I thought it would be one of those glue-like face masks that dries shiny and you peel it off your face like cling film… It’s not one of those at all!  It has a gel-like consistency and you apply it on your clean face (i.e., after removing all make-up) and let it sit for 5 minutes (I did 10-15 minutes just because…) and it dries to a slight tight feel. It smells pleasantly fruity and feels very cool and soothing. After the prescribed time, you wet your hands and massage your face in circular motions and at this point you can feel the fine grit of the volcanic rock on your face. After a minute or so of that, you wash it off, pat your face dry and go on to moisturise.

The lid doubles as a mirror… Bonus!


After almost 8 weeks of use (twice a week), I can definitely say it does exactly what it says on the box. I feel I could definitely eventually ditch make-up for good! I use it fairly generously and the jar will probably last me a good 3-4 months so even at the full price, it is excellent value for money.

The only downside (and I am seriously reaching here) is the jar packaging. I’m not a fan of skincare products in jars for hygeine reasons and also because products change when exposed to air so I much prefer tubes and pumps. You can buy the mask from Boots online or from Escentual for £14. Both websites do have offers on Vichy products from time to time so look out for those as they are usually 25-30% off.

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