I’d always fantasise about going to Paris with the love of my life but *crickets*. Anyway, I decided I couldn’t wait so my cousin sister and I (yes, I said cousin sister) made plans and made it happen. We only had three days to see as much of this beautifully enchanting and romantic city so we came up with this intense itinerary which helped us make the most of our time (and our limited funds!)

Day 1

  • We took an early morning EasyJet flight from Luton Airport to Charles de Gaulle. From there, we got a train into Paris, dropped off our luggage at the hotel,and made our way to the Louvre, where I soon discovered that had I made this trip a year ago, I would’ve enjoyed FREE entry into most of the museums! All good for the little 22 year-old I was travelling with! On the bright side, did buy a 2-day Museum Pass for €48 at the Louvre which saved me €21.

€15 entry; included in Museum Pass

  • Second on our list was a cruise down the River Siene, where most of the major sights monuments are in view. Our tour guide did an excellent job pointing them out and telling us about their history.


We paid €12 for the cruise but this depends on the operator you use some charge between €8 to €12, especially if you book in advance.

  • Our last stop was Arc De Triompe, and that’s were the British weather we thought we had left behind, finally caught up with us. Luckily, we managed to get to the top and see the city from this central monument before getting soaked.

€12 entry fee, included in the Museum Pass

Day 2

  •  At 10:30am we were on the train to Versailles because that’s where Kim and Kanye got married which was an easy 45 minutes from the Metro stop near our hotel. We were seriously unprepared for the walking we would do exploring the palace, the gardens and Marie Antoinette’s house… It’s a massive estate with extravagant architecture and beautifully maintained gardens, all well worth it.

Entry was €18; included in the Museum Pass,  Entry into the gardens was an extra €6 which I thought was a bit cheeky.


  • We left Versailles at 5:30pm for Notre Dame Cathedral The queue was so discouraging but we braved it and stopped to light candles and say a prayer for friends and family.

(€10 entry; included in Museum Pass)

  • Next on the list was Centre Pompidou,where they had a wet floor sign displayed as art. Obviously we had to stop and appreciate that. They also a Picasso exbihition with paintings of his wife, Jacqueline Roque.

(€14 entry; included in Museum Pass)

  • Around 9pm we headed for the Eiffel Tower, finally! Because it was mid-summer, we wanted to get to the top of the tower before sunset so we could experience the daytime view, watch the sunset and see the nightime view of the city all in one visit. I’d definitely recommend doing that.
  • (Tickets to the top floor were €17 for myself, €14.50 for the youngin’


  •  By the time we left the Eiffel Tower, it was just after midnight and we hadn’t eaten since lunch. Luckily we found a 24/7 restaurant, Au Pied de Cochon which was surprisingly packed at 2am! The food and the atmosphere was amazing and I highly recommend it for a late night.

Day 3

  • We were booked on an evening return flight that Sunday, so we could still do a bit of exploring on our last day so we took the Metro Sacré-Cœur Basilica … one word. STAIRS. Lots and lots of stairs but, the views from the top of the cathedral are definitely worth the cardio.

Entry is free, however access to the Dome at the top of the cathedral is €6.

  • Our final stop was Musée d’Orsay, where they had a Van Gogh exhibition and we got in for free since it was first Sunday of the month, how lucky right?

Entry into the museum is normally €12; included in the Museum Pass

For accomodation, we stayed in Hotel Vivienne, based in the 2nd arrondissement, which made getting around the city easy as it was just around the corner from a Metro stop. For €51, we bought a  3-day Zone 1-5 Paris Visite Pass each, which covered our return trip to and from the airport, travelling around Paris and our day trip to Versailles.

Paris is definitely a pricey trip (in my opinion) but if planned well, you don’t have to break the bank. Although we didn’t get to check everything off our original itinerary, we managed the bulk of it. A few years from now I’d love to return to Paris and have a go at the rest of the list!



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