First of all, I have a perfectly legitimate reason as to why I had to get all three shades of this foundation. What happened is, I first got the lightest shade, 8N Cappuccino about a month ago and it was a good color match for me until I returned from my holiday (post coming soon!) much darker than I have ever been, so I had to get the other two shades because… Whatever, I’m a bit of a make-up hoarder so, let’s move on.

Left to right: 10.R/10.C Espresso, 9.R/9.C Cool Deep and 8N Cappuccino

A while ago now, I went to my local Superdrug to pick up a few essential toiletries and walked out with everything but the stuff I went for in the first place they had the poster below on display and immediately recognised some of the YouTubers on it… clever bit of marketing there! It was just nice to see how inclusive L’Oréal had been with their shade range.

Credit: L’Oréal

The L’Oréal campaign was inspired by the Humanae Pantone Skin Color Project started by a black Brazilian photographer, Angélica Dass whose aim was to portray the beauty in every shade of human skin. You can watch her TED Talk here.

Some key points on the formula itself:

  • it is light to medium coverage
  • has a very liquid, runny consistency which makes it easy to mix two shades together
  • easily blends into the skin without much effort at all
  • SPF 17, which really isn’t a big deal unless you are wearing multiple layers of it.
  • gives a dewy, luminous finish; not ideal for oily skin or if you like a matte finish.
  • contains gold shimmer, which probably sounds worse that it is. Basically it adds to the luminous finish, not enough to have you looking like a disco ball.

I’m quite pleased with the shade range and I’m currently between the bottom two shades. The foundation feels light and comfortable on, I just wish it wasn’t as dewy because I have oily skin and I start looking glossy after about 3 hours. In my opinion, it would work best for dry-combination skin. It’s an affordable foundation at £9.99 and there are more shades for darker skin tones than the ones featured in this post so there is just might be a shade for everyone.

As for the powder, L’Oréal only has one shade available for dark skin 10.D/10.W Deep Golden, and I only got it because of the 3 for 2 offer and I was just curious about it. It looks so nice in the packaging, the colour is rich and lovely, until you actually apply it. The talc-feel and it makes you look ashy af the heavy grey caste it leaves on the face are what let it down the most. Maybe for £6.99 I’m expecting a lot, I don’t know. All I know is, this one needs a bit more work. I really hope they improve on this in the future because they are on the right track with their foundation.

Both the the powder and foundation are available at Boots and Superdrug online and in-stores (probably not all of them but the bigger stores should stock them.)

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