The second part of our holiday saw us catching a flight to Santorini because it’s a lot faster and surprisingly cheaper than catching a ferry. Our hotel, the Med Imperial Resort and Spa, was right by the Black Beach in Kamari and sadly, really close to the airport too but to be fair, we didn’t spend enough time at the hotel for it to be a huge problem, plus it’s not exactly Heathrow so it’s forgivable. Temperatures were between 25°C and 27°C for the four days and that’s when my ‘tan’ went all the way to 90% cocoa… No regrets there!

After a much needed day of rest, we were back in adventure mode. We took a boat tour from the port in Fira to some of the smaller islands, including an active volcano on Nea Kameni, hot springs near Palea Kameni and Therassia. Now, when they said ‘active volcano’ I honestly expected to see a pool of lava and bubbling molten rock but obviously that was a silly expectation. There was a bit of smoke here and there and some sulphur fumes but that was it… Rather anticlimactic after walking a steep mile and a bit in 27 degree heat.

Nea Kameni

Santorini is a pretty rocky island and the beaches aren’t as fine and sandy as those in Mykonos. There are a few to visit like the Red Beach below and the Black Beach and the White Beach in Thira. None of them, in my opinion are that exciting to be honest but they are different, especially the black sand in Kamari, and nice places to relax on a hot day.


Fira, which is the capital of Santorini, sits right on the cliff edge, lots of uphill walks yet again but almost totally worth the extra cardio since the the views are just breathtaking.

Photo 02-10-2016, 09 43 18.jpg


When you do a Google image search for Santorini, Oia is that place that pops up in the results. Its a popular place to view the sunset and everyone, even the locals, flock there at the end of the day. It seemed to be a popular place for marriage proposals too and I understand why. If you’re not there for that, there are plenty of restaurants, bars and shops in the area where you can do other non-proposal related things.

Overall, it was a great holiday, a far cry from the relaxing ‘do nothing’ holiday I had imagined, but filled with lots of laughter and adventure and I couldn’t have asked for better companions. If we exclude our hotel being cancelled last minute, being booked into a different hotel, the weird not flushing toilet paper thing (totally ew), almost missing our return flight and all the airport chaos we went through and of course, the propeller plane from Santorini to Athens… *deep breath* it was pretty amazing! You really do get to learn a lot about yourself and your friends when you travel together. I’m looking forward to another adventure with them, hopefully soon.

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