Recently I’ve been looking at my make-up bag, the ‘small’ one with all the stuff that I reach for daily, and I am genuinely appalled at my life of excess. Okay, maybe I’m not that appalled, but it got me thinking, what if I was shipwrecked on a desert island (think Lost) and only managed to salvage a few products, what would those be? Of course I’m sure if that scenario were actually real, I would have bigger fish to fry, but let’s just go along with it.

1. Orange Corrector

I chose to forgo both foundation and concealer for this challenge, in favour of the LA Pro Conceal corrector in Orange. To me, using an orange corrector its the closest thing to sleep in a tube. It erases any dark circles around my eyes and evens out any dark blemishes on my face. The swatch on the left looks shockingly bright, but as you can see, it blends out seamlessly to create an  even base for foundation and/or powder.

2. Powder

Pressed powders are easy to work with, and that’s the reason why I have been loyal to the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation (my current shade is NW 48) for as long as I have been wearing make-up. It gives a good amount of coverage and is a lightweight option, compared to a liquid or cream foundation, which would probably need to be set with a powder anyway.

3. Blush

I was going to throw in a whole highlight/blush/contour palette here but, that would have been cheating. Instead, I chose my Sleek Rose Gold Blush, which doubles as a highlighter and gives an iridescent finish which looks great, as long it is applied with a soft, light hand.

4. Brow Mascara

If I’m not going to do my brows, I’m not going to bother with any makeup at all. Brows frame my face and they have to look at least decent. The Brow Artist Plumper by L’Oréal shapes, fills and set my brows all in one and is a quick fix for a busy morning.

5. Mascara

If you’ve ever done a full face of makeup and forgotten to put on any mascara, you will understand why I’d call it a necessity. It’s one of those things that can make or break a look. The Maybelline Mega Plush Volume does a great job however, the shape of the applicator makes it really hard to hold it firmly and the wand is quite flimsy, which doesn’t work as well as others I have tried.

6. Lip Stain

Depending on the brand you opt for, lip stains can be moisturising like a balm, intensely pigmented like a lipstick and have a slight mirror finish, like a gloss… the best of everything! The Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in 005 Parisian Passion ticks all the boxes and creates a perfect plum pout for the autumn/winter season.

This was definitely a challenge, but it was also good for me to see how minimalist I can be, and what the result would look like. It’s a far cry from the full face, highlight and contour, and a more honest look which allows my skin and natural features to show through. I like it, but I’m not throwing all my other make-up out just yet.

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  1. Thank you! t’s not too bad actually. I guess that’s because I don’t touch my face during the day so I don’t see any transference onto clothes or anything else

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