We often ask, “What’s the worst that could happen?” and well… 2016 is probably the best answer to that question we have had so far. As the sun sets on this rather dismal year, let’s not tempt fate with any more questions like, how much worse could 2017 get? If your grandma is anything like mine, she has probably told you at least once that it’s bad to wish away time but, I’m glad this toxic, nuclear-waste-spillage of a year has finally come to an end, even if the only difference it makes is the numbers on the calendar. Any change, which may be for the better, is most welcome.

Okay, enough of the dramatics… personally, I don’t have many complaints about 2016. Yes it has been challenging, but so is every year. It just seems more apparent the older you get because the challenges are of a more complex, adult, costly, nerve-wrecking, heartbreaking, anxiety-inducing, my mom can’t fix it -nature. Apart from all that, it was a year of realising things great personal and professional growth and to be honest, it was far better that 2015. Sadly, there are some can’t kiss it better type problems which will inevitably carry over into 2017, however, I remain grateful to be here, in good health and surrounded by genuinely loving and supportive people. Whatever is to come, I have every faith that I (and we) will carry on, as through 2016. 

On that less dismal note, I wish you all a 2017 of good health and better fortune, and for every challenging time that will come, the strength and courage to persevere!



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