I can always tell when a product works by how consistent I am when I use it. If something isn’t working for me, I’m usually keen to try something else, or I just toss it to the side and reach for something I’m used to. The opposite happened here and I’m so glad because I spent a fair bit of money and really had my fingers and toes crossed.

The La Roche Posay brand produces some quality products so I had high hopes for this kit. My skin isn’t prone to breakouts (I get the odd spot here and there) but it is quite oily, with or without makeup. By using this kit, I was hoping to achieve some level of oil control while also keeping any random pop-up spots from appearing.

The kit consists of:

  1. Effaclar Cleansing Gel, 200ml

I tend to gravitate towards cream cleansers over gel cleansers which are typically foamy and have a heavy, stripping effect. This cleanser is no different. It washes everything off and leaves a squeaky-clean finish, which immediately feels dry and tight. Since this is marketed for oily skin, it shouldn’t be a major problem but I did notice my skin becoming progressively drier over time.

2.  Effaclar Toner, 200ml

The toner is meant to help re-balance the skin and rid it off that dry, tight feeling. It feels cool and refreshing and if a necessity when using the cleanser daily. The good thing about it is that it contains salicylic acid, another ‘acne ingredient’. I don’t normally use a toner in the morning so I skipped this step many times and  started to notice dry patches on my forehead and around my nose. When I started using the toner more consistently, that all went away after about a week.

3. Effaclar Duo(+)  40ml

This is the key component of the kit (which is also available separately) and turned out to be my favorite. It is an oil-free, light cream with an almost gel-like texture and consistency. It feels incredibly cool and hydrating and dries to a demi-matte finish; perfect for oily skin. This also makes an ideal base for make-up.

After six weeks of use, I think this is a pretty good kit. I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t work as well in the hot weather (while I was in Zimbabwe) but it stood up to the heat very well. The real gem in this kit is the Effaclar Duo(+) which contains glycerin; a great moisturiser, niacinamide to sooth the skin and salicylic acid which help with acne scarring.

Since all these items are available outside the kit format, I would only repurchase the Effaclar Duo(+) as it works best with my skin out of all the products and is now a must-have in my morning routine. I will definitely stick with it for as long as my skin is oily.

All these products are available at boots.com and escentual.com

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