It’s about time that an affordable ‘drugstore’ brand gave us lip kits to be honest. It has been a long time coming and it took long enough. I was quite curious about the Kylie Lip Kits but to be honest, the $29 price tag, plus the $15 shipping cost was just a steep hurdle for me. Anyone who knows me knows I hate paying for delivery idc idc. So, when I spotted the Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kits in Superdrug, I could not contain my excitement and for £6 per kit, you really cannot complain, right?! By the way, this isn’t a rhetorical question and we will get back to it later.


There are a total of 8 shades in this range: Reign (pinky-nude), Grande (baby pink), Echelon (beige nude), Noble (taupe), Regal (coral-orange), Royal (deep plum), Glory (dark chocolate brown) and Magnificent, and I picked up the three below:

Left to right: Reign, Rebel and Glory (natural lighting)


The colours on the box look nothing like the actual product. The representation is wayyy off. However, the actual tubes are really cute, with the rose gold tops which are a very nice finish. I’m not sure how well they will hold up over time but for now, they look good.

Glory, Reign and Rebel


The formula for the lighter colours seems to be different from the darker color and this is something I’ve noticed with liquid lipsticks by other brands too. Rebel, for example, doesn’t dry town completely and stays a little tacky, which means it can easily peel and look funny if you press your lips together. The darkest, Glory, is much better and dries well to a truly matte finish.



Because of the formulation, the lighter colours tend to transfer (I drink a lot of tea and coffee during the day) and they just do not stay put. Glory is a lot better and wears well throughout the day.


Although the formulation could be better, the colour pay off is pretty good. The colours are nice and opaque and there is no real need to layer them to get a good colour payoff, especially if used with the liner. That said, if you do decide to be extra then you risk a lot of cracking and flaking, which Reign (below) is guilty of.


As for the pencils…

The good thing about them is they are very pigmented and creamy. They apply easily and evenly without dragging on your lips. Huge positive! The down side is, you will go through them very quickly. They are also not all standard size and I just could not sharpen two of them even after trying three different sharpeners. They really forced this ‘kit’ thing because you really could do without the pencils.


So, back to the question, would I complain, for six quid? No, because as much as I love a bargain, this is a good example of ‘you get what you pay for’. Are they wearable? Just about. Do you have to settle for these? Certainly not. If you can spend a little more, buy better. Are there better liquid lipsticks at this price point in the drugstore? Not really, although the Sleek Matte Me’s are a little bit better. For me, Glory is the only shade really worth getting. I have been wearing this the most by itself as well as layered with lighter, creamy lipsticks. The shade is just different and being of a darker complexion, I think this is a good, wearable brown to have.

They lipkits are available at Superdrug online and instore, and at TamBeauty online


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