I think I speak for most [black] women when I say grease was an integral part of our hair care when we were growing up. Our mums and grandmas would slather the stuff on our scalp, edges, hair, face, bodies… and life shiny and good. Then came the crucifixion of our beloved Vaseline (because all petroleum jelly is Vaseline where I come from) by ‘the natural hair community’ for what seemed to be logical reasons, like clogging hair follicles and preventing moisture from penetrating the hair shaft, among other things. And so, being the pro-learning new things and ditching old detrimental practices in favour of positive progression, person I am, I was convinced and determined to stay away from any products containing petrolatum and mineral oil from the very beginning of my natural hair journey.

…Until two weeks ago. I had started to notice the appearance of Blue Magic (pictured above) in a lot of natural hair videos of YouTube and it also got me thinking about how we had always used it and our hair seemed to flourish. I recall my hairdresser, Sis’ Josie, using the green Dax on my hair on my relaxed hair and nothing bad every happened. Curiosity finally got the best of me and, at the potential risk of undoing the hard work of the last four years, I picked up a tub of the blue Blue Magic, and a small tub of Dax Indian Hemp on my last hair shop run. I’ve been using both of them for about a week now, so it’s too early to comment on any changes to the health of my hair, however, what I can say now is, using Blue Magic instead of an oil to seal my hair after moisturizing has left my hair feeling softer and less ‘straw like’ for most of this week. Being heavier than my usual castor oil, it seems to hold on to my hair for much longer, which may, or may not be a good thing. It also makes for really good definition for twist outs, and I wasn’t even trying!

I am still quite hesitant about using any kind of grease on my entire scalp, the same way as I use castor oil, but Dax has made massaging my edges a lot easier and I will continue using it for that and see what happens. Hopefully, I can get my edges to thicken a little bit more. Ultimately, the health of my hair is paramount and if I notice any excessive shedding or breakage, I will be sure to cut this little experiment short and who cares?!It’s only hair at the end of the day right?! It’s only fair that I give it time and really critique my grease-experience so, I will do an update post on this about three months from now.

If you’ve been using any kind of grease on your natural hair, I’m very interested in how you’ve used it so please, help me out and oh… wish me luck!


8 Replies to “To Grease, or not to Grease? #NaturalHair

  1. I started using grease recently as well. I purchased two Blue Magic greases (Original blue, & “Super Sure Gro”). My hair has been WAY softer & more moisturized than any “natural” hair product I have ever tried ok! Even my sister complimented how healthy my hair looks & asked what have I been using. I remember my mom using grease (she alternated between the blue Ultra Sheen and the original Blue Magic) & water only on my hair as a child. She also used sulfate shampoos (in fact, she used Pantene 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner.. no deep conditioner no regular conditioner no cowash no 5 products on my hair for a good “wash n go”.. none of that lol) JUST GREASE & WATER…. & my hair literally touched my butt as a child. All the hundreds of dollars I spent on natural hair products over the past 5 years and I can’t get my hair past my shoulders. AND, my hair is dry as a desert after about 2 hours. So I said you know what, it wouldn’t hurt to try good ole grease again. And so far, so good! I plan on using it until both greases are finished. I’m currently using it as a sealant. After a wash, I use a water based leave in first and then the grease. If my hair is a few days old and I want to add braids or twists, I spritz my hair with water first & then seal with the grease. And believe me, it’s been working!!! My hair stays moisturized for days, and I only use a little. Literally about a pea sized per section. Hopefully I can see some length retention soon. Good luck with your grease journey! lol

    1. Thank you! That makes me feel a little more confident about my decision. It’s a little scary because everything we’ve learnt over the last few years says grease is bad but, I guess we won’t know until we try. I’m hoping for length retention too so fingers, crossed for you and me.

      1. Although my hair is not natural I have been thinking of going back to these grease products particularly Jeba. My hair was so healthy when I used Jeba and I have been debating with myself whether to use it again or not cause like you said “everything we’ve learnt over the last few years says grease is bad” so it will be interesting to see how my hair behaves when I use it again.

  2. I have a friend who uses only blue magic and water to take care of her natural hair. She’s been natural for a while and her hair has retained so much length and always looks so yummy and healthy! I haven’t used grease in my hair for the same reasons you mentioned in your post but after reading this I’m definitely going to dig out my tub of Dax from where I’ve hidden it and give it another shot!! Thanks!!! Xx

  3. I remember as child my mother used to always use Blue Magic in my hair and my hair was very healthy. Now that I do my own hair I only use oils instead but it seems like a good idea to try Blue Magic again. Great post! ❤️

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