NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1%

During my #30daysofskincare on Instagram, I posted a photo of this much adored, much raved-about serum by Niod and mentioned that I would do a full review of it here, so here we are!

First impression

First of all, I’d like to just say how beautiful the packaging is! I honestly haven’t seen packaging this elegant since the black iPhone packaging circa 2009. It just screams luxury and you can see that a lot of thought went into it. When you open the box, there are two little bottles, one with the serum, and the other with the powder-like activator. To reconstitute it, your pour the powder into the serum bottle, shake well and Bobs’s your uncle! I love that the container is glass, and brown, which stops light from interfering with the serum and also the pipette, which makes measuring the serum less messy and quite hygienic. They really have a ‘science-lab’ theme going with their products, from the names, the packaging and even the colour of the serum. It’s all very science-y and convincing!

What is it?

The serum contains a copper tripeptide (copper (II) ions are blue in solution so that’s where the colour comes from) and Niod claim that, it targets fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and large pores, which are all very bold claims. As if that wasn’t enough, they promise results in as little as 5 days of use an even better appearance in tone and texture with extended use. The consistency of the serum very runny, think water-runny, which can be challenging to work with if you’ve never used anything like it.

Does it work… or nah?

I’ve been using this serum as part of my nighttime routine for over two months now (instead of my usual Redermic by LaRoche Posay) and I’ve definitely noticed a change in the fine lines that are starting to appear on my forehead and I would continue using it for this reason alone. Tone? Not so much, but then again my skintone (i.e., evenness) isn’t a problem for me and as for texture, I have noticed that my skin is much smoother and feels very soft and generally looks healthy. In my opinion, Niod’s claims are valid, but this did nothing for my pores and I really wish companies would stop talking about pores because you have what you have and you can’t change them. All you can do is keep them clean and clear.

So, is it worth trying?

 Is it worth the steep price-tag? For the average late 20-something year old? I’d say its not a necessity. There are serums that are just as good, that cost far less than the £60 for a 30ml bottle and £38 for a 15ml supply. However, if you like things and have the money, it’s a great product and a 30ml bottle will last at 2-4 months depending on your routine. However, since this does not contain and hydrating ingredients, you would need to layer it with a moisturiser and maybe even an oil at night for best results, which will add to your bill. Personally I would love it even more if it was an ‘all-in-one’ formulation with some hydrating ingredients in there.

It is available directly from the Deciem website, or my favourite


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