The Glamour Beauty Festival 2017 + Goodie Bag!

A couple of months ago, I saw an advert for The Glamour Beauty Festival in one of their issues and thought it would be a fun day out for a hermit like myself. Not to be a Billy-no-mates, I asked my blogger and stylist friend Daisy (her blog is here) to come with and luckily, she was onboard.

The festival takes place every year at the Saatchi Gallery in London and takes up three floors of the gallery. On show were various skincare, make-up and hair brands including Nars, Estee Lauder, Garnier, Marc Jacobs, Organics, Pixi, OPI, Eyellure, Laura Mercier and HD Brows to name a few.

Most of the brands with stands were offering treatments and makeovers, including facials, manicures and hairstyling, makeup, as well as general advice on products. The queues for the treatments are quite long and that put me off most of them (nevermind that I already had my face beat and my wig in place). I only managed to get some false lashes applied after about a 20 minute wait.

On the programme of events were several talks by beauty, skincare, health and lifestyle bloggers and I sat in for the ‘Eat Yourself Beautiful’ clean-eating talk by food bloggers Madeline Shaw and Alice Liveing. The talk was informative and both women gave interesting accounts of their clean eating and fitness journeys. Personally, I think the panel could have benefited from a qualified nutritionist and some of the questions seemed to be a little out of their depth of knowledge, judging from the responses.


One of the most exciting things about attending the event is the goody bag given to every attendee . You really do get a lot of items and it is supposedly worth over £190. I haven’t got round to trying some of the products yet, but there are some that I am excited about, like the Pixi Glow Mist and the HD Brow pencil. I will definitely use everything in here and there isn’t anything that I would say is not suitable for my (dark) skin or (afro) hair.

It was good to see that brands that were offering makeovers and hair styling were prepared to cater for women of colour but, we didn’t see a good enough number of black women there. Perhaps we arrived late or they went to a different segment than we did. Generally, the glossy print’s dermographic is predominantly white, judging by their content (I have bought almost every issue since 2009 so I know). Their content has a great effect on the types of people they attract and while they keep track of the age ranges of their attendees (18-34) it would be interesting to see how this breaks down in terms of ethnicity.

Would I go again next year? Yes, I would love to go again and attend a full day (two sessions) or even the whole weekend. I would go bare faced and take full advantage of all the treatments and makeovers. Overall, it is a great day out and an opportunity to meet other people and other bloggers. Hopefully I will have a bit more confidence mingle more (introvert woes). What I liked most about it is that it’s open to everyone and isn’t a ‘blogger event’ so it’s a great ‘girlie day out’ idea for a group of friends.

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