Wedding season is here and I am pretty excited because I am going to be a bridesmaid! I’ve also been invited to three weddings (so far) between now and October so I’ve been thinking a lot about outfits, make-up and even more about hairstyles.

With more people embracing their natural hair, I have seen more people wear their natural hair to weddings and even some brides too (totally goals!), I decided to so a series on wedding hairstyles for natural hair that I see myself wearing over the next few months.

The accessories you would need for this style are:

  • an Alice band of your choice (or even a tiara if that’s your thing)
  • bobbie pins (small and large ones)
  • decorative bobbie pins

You will also need to see the back of your head if you are going to add the decorative bobbie pins, or have someone help you.


Normally I would do a little video and post it on my Instagram page, however I thought it would be more informative if I did a longer, ‘show and tell’ video on YouTube for those who are interested in a full, step-by-step tutorial

Remember you can do this on textured hair, a blow out or straight hair, it’s really up to you. If you think the video is useful, then I will do more in the future… Apologies for the blur in some places, so much learning happened to make this happen 🙂



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