Creating A Flawless Makeup Base

You’ve found your perfect foundation match. The colour is spot on, the finish is just what you have been looking for and you want it to last all day with minimal to no touch-ups. Over time, I have found that prep-ing my skin, the tools I use and also how I apply my foundation, all contribute to the longevity of my makeup and the final finish and texture.

1. Moisturiser

NIOD Mist… My favourite which I also use as a setting spray and NIOD MMHC serum keep my skin well hydrated throughout the day.

1. Moisturiser

Regardless of skin type i.e., dry or very oily, a well-hydrated face is a good place to start. For oily skin, which I myself am so very blessed with, the temptation to skip this step can be great. Don’t. A lighter formulation or even a hydrating face mist may be a better option. Keeping your skin hydrated will stop it from trying to overcompensate by producing too much oil. 

The key is to allow time for your moisturiser to sink into your skin. Apply your moisturiser as soon as you step out of the bath or shower and by the time you sit down for the next step, your moisturiser has done it’s part.

2. Primer

My current favourite primer: MUA’s Wonder Varnishing Cream. A very close dupe of the (now discontinued) L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer, only much cheaper at £5 instead of £14.99

Regardless of your choice of primer, the point of it is to help your foundation adhere to your skin and make it last all day. Some primers will do a little more by blurring your pores and fine lines (silicone-based primers), or keeping oil at bay (mattifying primers). Whatever you go for, you want to swipe or pat the primer on, and leave the primer on your face for about ten minutes so it sets, before applying your foundation.

3. Color corrector

NYX Full Coverage Concealer in Orange

If you have dark circles around your eyes, acne scars, dark spots or any other kind of hyper-pigmentation, you may want to use a color corrector before applying your foundation to even out your complexion. An orange corrector cancels out darkness and if best suited for darker skin tones, while peachy-light coral tones work better for lighter skintones. This is closest thing to sleep in a jar for tired eyes!

4. Foundation

Currently testing: Loreal Infalliable Total Cover Foundation in Cappuccino. Full review to follow next week.

Match your choice of foundation to your primer. If you have oily skin, and choose a mattifying primer, it makes sense to follow with an oil-free or mattifying foundation. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, your fingers are a good tool for applying foundation, plus, you won’t waste any product. A make-up sponge is another good option for stippling on foundation and the dabbing motion won’t disrupt your primer, however it does take a while to cover your whole face. If sponges are not for you, a stippling brush like the MAC 187 or the Real Techniques Stippling Brush will also do.

Will it take longer to do your makeup? Not necessarily. You can do other things in-between layers, like cream your whole body, do your eyebrows or hair. What you may notice is that your face still looks good at the end of the day, you might not be as oily and you may have to do less touch-ups, or even none at all. Sounds pretty good to me!


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