A couple of months ago I made this super-full, bouncy curly wig (pictured below), which I have been loving as my ‘go to’ protective style. While looking back at photos from my solo trip, I remembered just how pretty that wig was and I had to recreated it. What I like most about this hair is how close to a natural twist out/bantu knot-out/perm rod set it looks. This is what I imagine my natural hair would look like, after some styling, if it was incredibly long *cries in wishful thinking*.

The wig is a u-part wig, with combs on the part, at the back and also the sides, and it also has adjustable straps and a re-inforcing elastic band. It is a synthetic hair wig with afro-kinky texture with very full and well defined curls.

I mentioned on my SnapChat and Instagram that I will be making a few of these wigs over the next few months for anyone who wants one. This is not the wig if your hair is already suffering a lot of damage, it really is more for just maintainance because of the combs on it.

I will be offering this wig with two options:

OPTION 1: Full length, uncut (top images)

OPTION 2: Shoulder-length bob (bottom images)

If you are interested in getting one, you can e-mail me via the ‘Contact‘ page and I will get back to you. The cost will be £65 for Option 1 and £60 for Option 2 if you are based in the UK and that will include delivery. Please make reference to the option you prefer and your choice of parting  (left side, middle or right side) in the message. Because I will be making these myself, it will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Alternatively, I will be posting a tutorial next Friday on how to make this wig for those of you who might want to have a go at making one.

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