At the beginning of this year I made a digital visionboard with all the things I wanted to do and achieve this year, including places I wanted to visit and Prague was on it, as (one of) my city break option for the summer. 


Unlike my Paris trip, I didn’t compile an itinerary for this trip. All I knew on arrival, was where we would be staying, but I had no idea what we wanted to do, or see, or eat, if we would go out or just relax at the hotel. Obviously, not the best thing to do if you plan on doing tourist things, (which I love) but in a way, it  can be good because things just happen and you end up in some cool places. 



After arriving into Prague on a late-ish flight, we decided to have dinner at the hotel and figure it out our motive first thing in the morning. Obviously, that is not what happened. By the time we woke up, got ready and left the hotel, it was well after midday. You will lose a considerable amount of time if you insist on a full face of makeup, including lashes. A lesson well learned.  Considering all the time lost, we managed to visit the Powder Tower, St Charles Square and cross St Charles Bridge on on our first day.



Following our no plan-plan, we visited the Jewish Cemetery in Josejov, the Jewish Quarter of Prague. Before my trip I didn’t know much, if anything at all about the plight of Jewish people in the Czech Republic (I didn’t study European History btw) and  seeing the 80 000 handwritten  names of Czech and Moravian Jewish victims of Nazi persecution on the walls of the Pinkas Synagogue was overwhelmingly emotive. 



Another mistake we made is trying see everything in one trip. Truth is, you can only do so much in three days, and if you plan, you can prioritise based on your interests. Although we managed to squeeze in Prague Castle on our last day, I didn’t feel that it was a ‘must see’.  Most castles in Europe are  quite similar, so unless you have a strong interest, it may not be worth the time and money  to see every one.



The trip turned out to be a huge lesson in ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’  because a couple of place I wanted to see where closed for renovations, but on the bright side, the weather was sunshine and blue skies the whole time and I was in wonderful company. 



So far, it’s the most beautiful city I’ve been to. Perhaps my opinion will change once I visit Barcelona, but for now, it sits at the top  and I’m absolutely certain I will go back.

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