It’s been about five months since I decided to use grease on my hair and I wrote a post about why I made this decision here. I’m no stranger to questionable decisions and this one, at the time seemed like a ‘going against the grain’ challenge to take on during a time when we are demanding paraben-free, patroleum-free, mineral oil-free, sulphate-free *deep breath* hair products. My basic justification was, we used grease all the time when we were younger, and it is a good sealant, which helps hair to stay moisturised for longer so, why not now?!

I’ve compiled a few points of the key things I have noticed about my hair and my routine over the last few months since grease came into my life.



Low maintenance.

My routine hasn’t changed massively. I still wash and condition my hair every three to four weeks but instead of using oil to seal moisture into my hair, I have been using Blue Magic (grease) instead. The process is similar to the popular LOC (Liquid, Oil, Cream) method, with a simple substitution and rearrangement to Liqiud, Cream, Grease*.  As a result, my hair stays moisturised for longer, meaning I can keep my hands out of my hair. Less manipulation = less damage.

*(L) Water, (C) African Pride Shea Miracle Leave-in Conditioner and (G) Blue Magic


This isn’t directly to do with the grease but more to do with my change in routine. Normally, I would do a maintenance of my hair during the week, where I would moisturise and seal my hair then with some castor oil, I would massage my edges, to encourage growth… or so I thought. Since I wasn’t doing anything to my hair, I cut that down on my ‘edge care’ to once a week and noticed that my edges were filling up quite well. Not to say that castor oil isn’t helpful, it most definitely is, however using it too often, and agitating your edges all the time, especially if they are already quite sparse, is not going to speed up growth.



3. Scalp build-up

When I started this grease challenge, I wasn’t keen on putting grease on my scalp so I just washed my hair and left my scalp to oil itself naturally. As it turned out, that’s not good enough and that’s when I tried grease for a while. It worked just fine, but when it came to washing my scalp, I just couldn’t get all the grease off my scalp and always has some build-up left over. I have since stopped greasing my scalp and gone back to using using castor oil.


My hair texture, when it’s wet


4. Health and length retention

This is probably a top goal for most naturals, alongside healthy hair. Has using grease helped me retain more length? Honestly, I’m not sure. The reason why is because I have been playing with my hair a lot over the last few months and I didn’t really do a length check at the beginning. My hair has obviously grown since, but I’m not sure how much of that is because of the change in routine. Is my hair healthier than it was before? Yes. My shrinkage, which is a helluvalot, helps me to keep track of the health of my hair. My hair is coily throughout, without too many stretched intervals. I also haven’t as much breakage when I comb through or detangle hair, which can only be good thing.



The basic basic lesson for me has been that grease isn’t the criminal it’s has been portrayed to be. It’s a great sealant, when used on the length and ends of the hair, but is best kept off the scalp. What’s most important for me is to learn about how best to care for my hair and this will mostly be by trial and error. I keep reminding myself, “Hey! It’s just hair! If it fails, you can try something else, and hopefully, it will grow back.” I’m glad that this time, it worked out well.

3 Replies to “To Grease or Not To Grease? An Update #NaturalHair

  1. I’m loving grease so far. I used to associate it with bad hair care practices because my hair was jacked up from relaxers & heat.
    I’m using regular DAX (I’ve noticed the lanolin makes my hair feel less greasy) but mixed it with some Softee Shea Butter for the smell. I won’t make any conclusions until January (6 months of using).

    I noticed w/ oils & butters I’d need to re moisturize often, which led to build up and lame twist outs. With grease I only need to re moisturize once before wash day. *So cheap too!*

  2. Ive gone back to using grease myself. I love the blue magic, dax indian hemp and the dax extra light. I used this after my leave in.. and my hair is soft, coils defined , moisturised and NOT greasy. I found that using the LOC method, my hair needed daily moisture, but grease keeps my 4c coils moisturised for days. I dont need to re-hydrate and seal for at least a couple of days. I also feel as though grease has had a bad rap, and unfairly so. I think as long as it is used on wet-damp hair and not being used on the scalp its an excellent sealer. . I use tresseme moisture rich shampoo… to wash it off… yes it has sulphates in it and my hair is more moisturised than when i only used lighter oils in my hair. great article xx

    1. Thank you! I’m glad it’s working out for you too. You’re so right about sulphates; they’ve been getting a bad rap too yet they are the best thing for really clarifying all that build up and dirt, especially after taking out a protective style.

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