Skincare Routine For Dull Skin

Glowing, radiant skin is all the rage these days and it’s not all about the best highlighter. It can be as simple as treating your skin to make sure that you always have your best, new layer on show. Although I describe my skin as being generally oily, I sometimes end up with patches of clingy, dry skin around my nose and on my forehead and a weekly maintenance routine helps me to keep my best skin glowing.

  1. After taking my makeup off, I like to cleanse my skin with the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash, using my Clarisonic to wash off anything that could still be sitting on my skin.
  1. Leaving my skin a little damp, I use my DHC Facial Scrub to exfoliate. This is my favourite face scrub ever because it doesn’t contain any plastic microbeads which just slide on your face (and are harmful to the environment by the way), but has finely milled apricot seeds which really give that scrubbing action, allantoin to sooth the skin and an antiseptic to help prevent breakouts. It can feel a little rough so it’s best to massage gently.
  1. Next, I use two pumps of the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum.I’ve been using this for a while now and I like the cool, soothing feeling it gives when I apply it, which is down to the aloe vera, but the main ingredient is the 4% glycolic acid which helps to brighten and even out my skin.
  1. My favourite part of this routine is the Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask. Ever since these came out I have been using one every week and I keep a stockpile of them. It is a sheet mask soaked in glycerin and hyaluronic acid, which intensely moisturise and plump the skin I apply this on my skin and let it sit for as long as possible while watching my favourite shows on Netflix then remove the mask, and massage any residual serum onto my skin. Works a treat every time!
  1. Lastly, because I am extra, I always keep a face cream on my bedside table to top up before I sleep and my long time is Loreal L’OrĂ©al Skin Perfection Correcting Day Moisturiser, which I use at night instead, because it has no SPF. Unfortunately has been discontinued now, with the rest of the Skin Perfection Range so I am on the lookout for a new holy grail.

The basic take-away from this post is to exfoliate regularly. Once or twice a week is typically enough and helps to getting rid of dead patches of skin cells, letting the newer, healthy skin show through. The result is a brighter and more radiant face, whether you choose to go bare or add makeup.

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