I’ve been very impressed with the way affordable brands have been giving us wider shade ranges lately. Everyone should be able to access beauty products that suit their skintone and budget and Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation ticks both of those boxes.


Left to tight: 352 (Truffle), 355 (Pecan), 360 (Mocha)


A few key details about the foundation:

  • claims to be medium to full coverage but I would say it is light to medium
  • it has a very runny consistency which is easy to blend with a brush, but gets easily absorbed into a beauty blender
  • contains no SPF at all
  • dries to a demi-matte finish, if you are patient!
  • It will cling to dry patches so may not be ideal for dry skin
  • very light on the skin and looks natural (if you stick to a single layer)
  • available in 19 shades in the tube. Only a few of the shades are available in the glass packaging.



The good…

The foundation is very light on the skin and doesn’t feel heavy at all, but that’s probably because it’s not a full coverage formula. This makes it ideal for everyday wear, when you don’t really need full glam, but you also want to look like you’ve made an effort.


Final look with all the trimmings


The not so good…

Although this claims to be a matte foundation it doesn’t have the staying power of other matte foundations so this wouldn’t be a first pick for a hot day or a night out as it get’s oily quite quickly and heavily too. If you don’t mind touching up then this probably won’t be much of a problem. The claim about the foundation smoothing over pores really didn’t hold much water for me and I would rely more on my primer to do that than this foundation. The biggest downside for me is how it sinks into smile lines so I can’t imagine how it would look on more mature skin. All that said, it’s definitely many steps up from the Dream Matte Mess Mouse so, it’s pretty decent.


…after a long day

The foundation itself didn’t do wonders for me, but I was very impressed with the powders in this range. I’ve been using shade 350 Caramel setting my concealer, and the white powder when I have to touch-up. Both perform incredibly well for what I use them for, but unfortunately, there isn’t a dark enough shade that I could use all over my face to set my foundation.


…touched up with the translucent powder


You can’t always expect the wow factor from a £6.99 foundation, but for day-to-day sitting in the office/ lectures/ school it’s fine. If, you want to save your high-end favorite for the weekends and special occasions, and you don’t have oily skin, this is an affordable midweek alternative. If you do have oily skin, there are better choices like Revlon’s Colorstay (which is the subject of my next post)! The Matte Poreless’s wide shade range gives a lot of choice and there’s one for almost everyone. It’s available and Boots and Superdrug and most supermarkets.

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