You Should Create A Visionboard for Your 2018.

We are finally in a new year and I couldn’t be more excited about what that means for me, considering how incredibly challenging I found 2017 to be. This is an opportunity to press the reset button, set new goals and also have another go at things that didn’t go so well last year. Stagnancy is not something I want in any part of my life and growth means envisioning what I want to become, which is why I have found having a vision board incredibly useful.

I haven’t included my 2018 version here because there’s some top secret stuff that I’m working on that I’m not ready to discuss, but I figured there’s no harm in pulling up my previous one

The most important thing about creating a vision board is to capture your goals and inspirations as a constant visual reference point. Going into 2017, I was clear on what I wanted to do with my year. I wanted to travel, get better at managing my money and saving, built self-confidence and get to grips with my self-image, and develop some key professional skills like public speaking and leadership. These are just examples of areas that you could include on your vision board. You could also cover topics such as hobbies you want to take up, faith and spirituality, relationships and friendships, business ideas, weight loss goals; pretty much anything you want to focus on. In addition to all that, you can include your favorite quotes to inspire you and push you on.



Creating a digital vision board is easy and I recommend using MS Paint (I see no reason why you can’t use Word or Powerpoint too) or, if you are using a Mac, Paintbrush is somewhat an equivalent.  It’s very straightforward, and all you do is copy and paste your selected images and position them how you like.Take your time and give each item on your vision board some thought. When you are done, save it (obviously) and print a copy, ideally in an A3 size or bigger then frame and hang it somewhere you will see it every day. Use the saved copy as a wallpaper on your laptop/desktop/tablet or as a screensaver on your TV. The idea is to see it everywhere!  In addition to the visual, you need to think about the action you will take towards achieving each goal, how to keep track of your progress, how much time you have to do it and how you will measure your success. Your vision board is simply wishful thinking if there is no thoughtful planning on the actions behind each goal.

While I managed to tick off most things on my 2017 vision board, there are some long-term goals that inevitably got transferred over into 2018 and that will probably feature for another year or two. That’s okay. Not everything is achievable in the space of a year and it’s good to be aware of this going in so you don’t put too much pressure on yourself. At the same time, you don’t want to set the bar too low, and not challenge yourself. Once you have the vision in place, all that’s left it to work hard, stay focused. One promise I can confidently make is that, ticking your goals off is immensely satisfying and will only motivate you to aim higher and achieve more. With all that, I hope you all have a wonderful and successful 2018!

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