One of the reasons why I started blogging about natural hair is because I used to watch a lot of hair tutorials, follow each step exactly as prescribed but, my results never looked the same. It didn’t occur to me then, ridiculous as it sounds now, that a lot of the YouTubers I was watching didn’t have the same hair texture as mine. I was trying to do things that my hair just couldn’t do, which meant I had to look to people that had hair like mine; how they styled their hair, what products they recommend and so on. This may not sound important but, trust me, it is.

My ‘go to’ style when my hair is out is a bun, or a puff. I like to keep it simple but, for the love of my edges and also to switch things up, I’ve been playing around with twist outs, bantu knots and trying to perfect the wash n’ go. The first of these, a twist out, seems to be coming along well and you can watch my video of that¬†here.

I like to start my twist outs on freshly washed and conditioned hair. It used to take me hours to go through ‘wash day’, but I’ve finally streamlined this process and it doesn’t take more than two hours. Using a conditioner with lots of slip like the Aussie Miracle Moist to detangle had cut my detangling time down dramatically, prevents tangling and unnecessary breakage. I always finger detangle first before using wide tooth comb to remove shed hairs.

For shampooing, The Aphogee Deep Moisture Shampoo is my current favourite cleansing shampoo. I completely cleans my scalp and hair to remove all traces of build up. I follow this up with the Sof n’ Free Gro Heathy Milk Protein and Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment, which is a super-thick treatment, which leaves my hair feeling super soft and manageable.

To finish off my wash day, I typically stick to simple twists but this time, I didn’t just want to put my hair up in a bun so, had a go at some flat twists using the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. After using this a few times now, I can see why it’s a¬†favourite for most naturals. The curl definition I got from this twist out is probably my best yet, but, unfortunately for me, my hair is not a fan of coconut oil, which is one of the main ingredients. I find that if I keep this in my hair over a few days, it starts to feel pretty dry, which is weird because this is a leave in conditioner but, coconut oil does that to some people. I will definitely be trying this look again, with a different product to see if I can achieve even better curls.

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