I know you’re probably thinking, “Not another brow tutorial” but, I have a very good reason for doing this. Since I’ll be posting a few makeup looks and eyeshadow videos, I figured it would be good to have an eyebrow tutorial as a reference to how I do my brows. While doing my ‘everyday makeup’ video, I realised I spent a good amount of that time doing my brows so, I don’t want to be going through it in every video. See? It makes perfect sense!

I’ve tried different ways of doing my brows, from brow kits to pomades and I have finally settled on a brow pencil and brown mascara combination as my ‘go to’ for fixing up my brows everyday. Being the economical person I am, I don’t believe in spending a lot on brows, I’d prefer to reserve the bulk of my makeup budget for complexion products i.e., foundation, powders and concealers.

My holy grail brow pencil is the MUA Brow Pencil in Brunette, which is the perfect shade of brown, not too intense but enough to add colour. It is a soft, waxy pencil which does not drag at all and deposits pigment evenly, for £1. To set and shape, I use the Collection Colour Lash Mascara in Brown. It gives me the same result as a brow gel, just with a bit of colour.

A yellow-tone concealer underneath my brow helps to highlight my brow-bone and clean up the brow pencil/mascara to give a clean, neat finish. In the video I used the MAC Pro Longer Concealer in NC45 (which I have been holding onto for a while and really need to use up before it expires), but my usual concealers for this job are the Maybelline Fit Me in 45, or the LA Pro Girl Concealer in Toffee. Over my brows, I prefer to use my foundation shade, so as not to create a ‘halo effect’ over my brows.

Brows are sisters, not twins. With that said, forgive yourself a little if they don’t look identical every time. Most people don’t have a perfectly symmetrical face, I know for a fact that I don’t, and that’s fine. It’s what makes us all unique and special *insert cheesy grin here.*

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