March Favourites: New Wig, Skincare, Makeup

First thing’s first, the wig. I’m a blonde, for now! I’ve had light-coloured hair before but it’s no less fun this time around. The hair is my Sensationnel and comes packaged as below. It’s a synthetic wig with a very plastic-feeling, plastic sounding lace parting (not frontal) which is fairly comfortable. I bought this from Supergrows Cosmetics in Upton Park, London, however, it is also available online right here. It’s available in a 17 colours so, if this DR27 isn’t to your liking, there are several other options.

*If you would like me to do a full review of this wig, please let me know.

Neissance Castor Oil

In my opinion, Jamaican Black Castor Oil is overrated. Regular Castor Oil does the same thing and honestly, the price difference was enough to pull me back. After using the Jamaican Black Castor Oil for a few months, I decided it wasn’t really worth the extra spend and I decided to go back to my regular cold-pressed Neissance Castor Oil, which I buy from I apply it around my edges every other day and on my scalp twice a week and that’s enough.

Sukin Hydrating Face Masque

After ditching the Garnier Sheet Masks that I loved for so long, I tried a few hydrating cream/gel masks, but this Hydrating Mask by Sukin, an Australian brand, is a current favourite. It’s made with organic butters and oils and is fairly affordable at £11.95 from Boots. There’s something very soothing about this masque, especially after an exfoliating treatment when your akin is feeling a little raw, it’s a great ‘recovery’ masque.

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

Although this claims to be a ‘deep pore cleanser’ it’s been working better as an ‘oil-control’ cleanser for my skin.Pores are difficult to clean and unclog anyway, and I will continue trying to find a solution but for now, this is keeping the oiliness under control.

Maybelline Big Shot Mascara

Having missed out when the good Lord was giving out full, wispy, long lashes, a good lengthening and thickening mascara is a must. Mascara makes all the difference when wearing makeup and the Big Shot mascara by Maybelline brings out the eyes, making them look bolder and brighter. The pros are that it doesn’t clump and two coats are enough to give a bold look. At £7.99 (regular price) it’s an affordable drugstore mascara.

Sleek MakeUp Matte Lipstick – Dare

Sleek has been a go-to brand for dark-skinned girls for decades now. Some of my first makeup encounters included playing with my mother’s Sleek compacts, but that’s a story for another day. Dare is a great, everyday, workwear, date-night, girly-outing lipstick. At £4.99 it’s one you can use freely without trying to ‘save it’. This particular shade is also good alternative to MAC’s Viva Glam III which costs £17.50 (FYI: I’m also wearing the Sleek Lipstick in the picture above).

How am I doing for being on a budget? I’ve been trying to keep my beauty-related spending under control and also share budget-friendly options with you guys (hence the dupe). I’m all about saving for the bigger more important things this year.

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