The Glamour Beauty Festival 2018 + Goodie Bag!

Having attended the event last year, I had a good idea of what to expect and planned accordingly.  I set aside enough time to attend a talk, get a few treatments done and also browse around and see what different brands had to offer. Or so I thought. Before I address what actually happened, I think we should unpack the goodie bag since that will probably be the most exciting part.

My favourites out of the goodie bad so far are the Rose Face Mask by Fresh, which is an intensley hydrating treatment with real rose petals and the Rose Tonic by Pixie. I can already see the Essie Nail Varnish being my go-to colour for the rest of the year. Some of the products aren’t dark skin-friendly, like the Nude by Nature Concealer and the Revlon Stick Highlighter but, I can always make those work as an eyeshadow primer and a creme eyeshadow.

From the treatments, I decided I wouldn’t waste my time since the Nars and Laura Mercier counters were ridiculously long but, I decided to get my brows re-done by a makeup artist at the Nude by Nature counter. This is not a brand that makes products for dark-skinned girls but hey, I had a party to go to straight after and wanted to look decent and to be fair, she did a really good job. The other makeup brands offering makeovers included By Terry, Revlon, and Kat Von D.

Another exciting part was the Feel Unique pick n’ mix, where you could choose five free sample-sized products. As you can imagine, it was very crowded, with a queue winding around the room. When I finally got to pick my goodies, I chose the Essie nail varnish in _____, Murad’s Retinol Youth Renewal Serum.

Unfortunately, my initial plan didn’t work out because of the queues. Last year was pretty bad in this respect, but this year was far worse. I spent so much time in queues that I didn’t enjoy being at the festival. A lot of people were left to choose between loosing their place in queues and missing key talks that they had booked to attend, which is very unfortunate. I don’t have the answers, but I hope the organising team can find a way to improve this part of the experience because, I doubt I will be going back as a half day ticket just isn’t enough, and a full day ticket is pretty pricey.

You already know I have to touch on diversity and inclusion and the truth is, the festival is still not ‘black girl friendly’. For example, the goodie bag came with a ‘beige’ concealer. Not one to let anything go to waste, I will still be using it as an eyeshadow primer but, that’s beside the point. I personally don’t think complexion products belong in goodie bags. It blatantly shows that non-white people are not their target market. Glamour’s key demographic is white women, but c’mon, this is 2018. The least you can do is try. “…but Nisey, why don’t you go to events that specifically cater to black women?” I will be going to the Afro Hair and Beauty Live Show on the 28th of May (Bank Holiday Monday). Tickets are available here, it’s always a fun day out.

Overall, I think the novelty of attending the Glamour Beauty Festival has already worn off for me and it’s starting to seem like more trouble than it’s worth. On a side note, I’m very upset with myself for chickening out of getting a selfie with Alexander Steinherr, my favourite beauty editor. I really need to keep working on that introvert thing.

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