Applying False Lashes: For Beginners

No full face beat is complete without a pair of falsies. You could blend the perfect smokey eye to perfection with total ease, yet getting a pair of those wispy lashes on can be a frustrating challenge that can reduce many a glam queen to literal tears. Having spend years on the struggle bus, I finally committed myself to getting to the bottom of this incompetence and step my game up and this video is the result of that. Obviously, I had to share how I got to this level because I know the road is tough but, I got you!

Welcome to Lash and Slay 101! There are some basic fundamentals that I feel you should grasp and keep in mind every time you open your box of lashes.

1. Keep calm

You will need a steady hand. Put your favourite slow song on, close your eyes, and picture yourself already done, looking as buff and your best self.

2. Gather up your tools.

You will need your lashes, obviously, some tweezers if you choose to use them, and a pair of scissors should you need to trim the lashes. Most importantly, you will need a good lash glue.

3. Get your width right

If your strip lash is too wide, it is going to feel heavy and irritate the corners of your eye every time you blink. Before you apply any glue, test it out by placing the lash against you lash line and making sure it doesn’t hang too far into the inner corner of your eye, or too far out of the outside corner. If it does, trim a small bit off the outside of the lash (the end that touches your outer corner).

4. Make sure your glue sets

It’s always a safe bet to find a glue that works for you and stick with it. Using your glue of choice, apply enough to cover the whole edge of the strip lash. Be patient. Leave the glue to set, usually 30 to 45 seconds will do it, before attempting to stick your lash on. You will know the glue has set when it’s tacky to the touch. If it’s transferring onto your finger, it’s too wet and will only smudge and cause your eye to water.

5. Start with the middle

Once the glue is tacky, hold wispy side of the lashes by the middle and place the strip lash on the middle of your lashline first. Press and hold for 3 to 5 seconds. Move on to the inner corner, press and hold, then do the same to the outer corner. Once the lash is secure, press your natural lashes and the strip lashes together to close any gap then finish off with some mascara.

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