Curly Treats Festival London 2017

I had the pleasure of attending the Curly Treats Festival (previously called Natural Hair week) for the first time, which was held at ILEC Conference Centre in London. The festival is all about celebrating black hair, beauty, fashion and wellness and gives an opportunity for brands to showcase their products targeted … Read More ›

Weekend in Prague

  At the beginning of this year I made a digital visionboard with all the things I wanted to do and achieve this year, including places I wanted to visit and Prague was on it, as (one of) my city break option for the summer.    Unlike my Paris trip, … Read More ›

The Late-Twenties Breakup

Disclaimer: I know I said at the very beginning that this blog isn’t about relationship advice. This post isn’t that at all, it’s post break-up advice sooo, yea… it’s a loophole that I can exploit, right?!  If you are the type of person that knows they want to get married, or … Read More ›